Escorts R US Cancellation Policy

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Whilst we endeavour at all times to provide the most accurate description and arrival times possible the situation may still occur where the customer may wish to cancel.

Descriptions will normally entail obvious details such as: Height, Weight, Dress size, Bust size, Hair colour, Eye colour and approximate age. In terms of appearance (physical attractiveness) a persons opinion of how attractive someone is is exactly that... Their opinion. We recognise that people are individual and that extends to individual tastes. Some people like red cars, some like blue. Some like blondes, others brunettes.

We provide the most accurate physical descriptions in the industry with the exception of physical attractiveness where we can only offer our opinion.

If your visitor has been described inaccurately in their physical appearance you simply cancel your appointment at no charge.

"Arrival times are realistically appraised. We do not believe in offering inaccurate arrival times in order to secure a booking. This leads to unnecessary customer frustration."

In the event that your appointment has been delayed our office will contact you at their earliest opportunity so as to facilitate alternative arrangements.

Cancellation of an Appointment due to a change in the customers situation will attract a cancellation fee.

Cancellation of an Appointment due to a change in the Agency's situation will not attract a cancellation fee.

Customers who regularly make an appointment, then cancel without valid reason and payment of cancellation fee will be unable to utilise our service at our discretion.

In certain circumstances part or all of the cancellation fee may be offset as a credit for the customers next appointment, again at our discretion

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