How to Start and Run a Escort Service in Victoria, Australia

With 14 years experience in the Sex Industry profitably operating an Escort Agency we have acquired the extensive knowledge necessary to, not only, successfully open and operate such a venture, but also to, more importantly, grow the business or increase its' market share. From a beginning comprising of the "kitchen table, one phone line, $60 and a need to pay the rent" we have emerged as, arguably, the largest dedicated Escort Service Provider in the South Easten suburbs of Melbourne.

With extensive market share, probably the highest "callback" rate in the Sex industry and a truly enviable selection of Ladies to represent we enjoy trading from a position of strength in our chosen field.

Escorts R Us began operation in the early 1990's and over the last decade we have established ourselves as the Premier Escort Service in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. With an emphasis on customer service, accurate descriptions and delivery times we enjoy one of the highest repeat booking ratios in the industry.


Sex Sells !!
This is reflected in all mediums and level of our society! This is as certain as Death and Taxes.

If you enjoy meeting people and are considering a career in the Adult Industry this document offers you invaluable information that can only be accumulated through experience. This cost of acquiring this information will be recouped, not only through your very first appointment, but many times over in the savings you will achieve through following the guidelines contained therein. You may even decide that the Sex Industry is not for you after reading this document, this in itself saving you the funds that you potentially may have invested in your small business in order to discover this at a later date.

This business can be started with MINIMAL Investment in Time, Money & Space.

It can be run from home, part or full time, at your leisure.

You can keep working at your old job whilst building your new business.

Say "GOODBYE" to your old boss and to working for someone else.

Your new business is transportable, with todays technology, where you can get "signal" you can work from. This includes the beach!!

You will meet and represent a variety of people who wish to work & earn money in the Sex Industry, from different sectors of your community: Backpackers, University Students, Models, Artists, Travellers, Single People & Couples are just a few.

You choose your own hours, they are completely FLEXIBLE. Only $20.00!

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